Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's New??

So what's new in our lives??

This little guy...
Who is now 4 months old! Rhys Taylor Wilson came into the world September 15 at 9:46 pm weighing 8 pounds 12 oz. He is just the sweetest baby and rarely cries unless you know, he's tired or hungry. Being wet doesn't bother him a bit. He has completely stolen our hearts! His big sister thinks he's her own baby doll and just loves him to death! And he doesn't seem to mind all her hugs and kisses and her trying to dress him already :). My delivery was so calm and peaceful and I wished I could have stayed in the hospital a few more days! It's hard to think about what we did before him. I just thought I didn't have any free time before- but I wouldn't change a thing. We are so excited to watch him grow and see what he will become!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Going to Raise a Dork

There's lots of things you hope and wish for for your child. I've thought alot about this. But the most important things in this life are matters of the heart. I hope and pray that one day my child will come to know Jesus as her Savior. That she will make Him her first love early in her life. That she will make a difference in this world and have a kingdom heart. I've wondered what she will be, a doctor, a mother, a missionary even. I heard somewhere that having a child is like having your heart running around outside your body. Which is SO true. I never knew I could love someone so much until I had a child. Then I think about how much Christ loves me. And it's humbling. He gave his Son up for me. That's how much He loves me. Mind boggling, isn't it? Jonathan sent me a link the other day to a blog post. It was so good I thought I would share. It's about how we want to shelter our children as much as can, but we know they grow up so fast and you can only do this for so long. But while they're young, keep them young. They may be dorky, but I'm okay with that. You can fast forward childhood, but you sure can't rewind it. Enjoy. http://www.jonacuff.com/stuffchristianslike/2009/09/629-raising-dorks-2/

Catching Up

A new post?? What? I have been horrible about documenting important moments in my daughter's now 3 years of life. Yes, I have things written in her baby book, but there's certain things I want to remember like what she's into now, the funny things she says, pictures I don't have to dig through to find her at a certain age. It's a lot easier to document it on here than it would be to write it down on paper that may or may not get lost. So here is attempt number 157635 to remember our lives at this time. In the last year, Rhyan:
  • gave up the paci right before she turned 2. Easy as pie! I think I was more nervous about it than she was. She had only had her paci at nap and bedtime for about a year. But she had to have 2, one in her mouth and one to hold. So I just started cutting a little bit off every 2 days or so and in about 3 weeks, we were done with it!
  • moved to a toddler bed at 2, then a big girl bed right before she turned 3. She never even tried to crawl out of her crib, she was just every where and I knew it was time to give her some more room. I started out telling her that if she got out of her bed at naptime, (I didn't want her up and playing) she would get a spanking. After a couple times, she got the point and it was no problem.
  • got REALLY into Disney princesses and still is. We love them all and every time we go to Target, we have to go by the princess display and sing all the songs. She LOVES them.
  • She has started to become very picky about what she wears. Every day she tells me she wants to wear a dress. Which I'm okay with until all her play dresses have been worn, and all that's left are her good church dresses which I won't let her wear to Mrs. Ellie's. Then the tears start flowing. I was told I was alot like this.
  • pretty much potty trained! She wears panties all day and I still put a pull up on her at nap and bedtime, but most of the time she wakes up dry.

I'll stop there for now, but these are the big milestones this past year. Maybe I'll post again before next year. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little Blessings

Something I want to remember:
Rhyan and I were driving around town the other day. About a year ago, we bought a DVD player for the car, (best purchase we ever made might I add) so Rhyan is usually enthralled by Dora or Yo Gabba Gabba. Well, we drive by our church and Rhyan says, "church, Mama, church!" And I was really impressed that she recognized it, much less took her eyes off the TV for a second. Then my heart just melted when next she said, "Jesus, God." And I said "Yes, Rhyan! That's where we learn about Jesus and God!" What a blessing to my heart that was! Every Sunday when I get Rhyan ready for church I tell her we're going to church to learn about Jesus and God. And she's getting it. Thank You Lord, for little blessings.

Many Things...

Wow. Blogging seems to take time, something I don't have a lot of. Lots of things happen daily and I think to myself, 'I need to write this down so I'll remember it'. But nothing gets written down. Maybe I can get into a routine of blogging so I'll have these memories. Maybe.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Own DIY Project

This is Rhyan's new bookshelf: It used to look like this:
And the total cost: $10!

Monday, June 29, 2009